Stick Fit Diapers

Stick Fit Diapers pack of 10
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Super soft material with a highly absorbent core that is gentle on the skin while offering superior absorption

Mello ultra absorbent diapers are super soft and breathable with inner cotton padding for a cloth like comfort. The netted channels enable rapid liquid distribution while the super absorbent core provides superior absorption. The diapers have high quality re-adjustable tape for a comfortable secure fit. The diapers come with leg cuffs that ensure complete protection against leakage.

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  • Pack

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  • Pack

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  • frontal type

    Refastening Frontal type

    Mello's Stick Fit Diapers are easy to use and the fasteners are good for multiple tape applications

  • high speed channel

    High Speed Channel

    Our specially designed linking channels help the liquid spread fast all over the pad for immediate absorption

  • wetness indicator

    Wetness Indicator

    Our diapers are fitted with noiseless waterproof back sheets, with a wetness indicator

  • leak guard

    Inner Leak Guards

    Soft leakage guards are fitted in our diapers to minimize accidents & prevent leakage

  • absorbant layer

    Super Absorbent Layer

    Our diapers are made of high-quality imported wood pulp and polymer, helping you live your life without hindrance

  • Dry and comfortable

    Dry & Comfortable

    High-quality non-woven material helps absorb liquids and avoid seepage, keeping you dry & comfortable

How do you use Diapers?

  • place diaper

    Place diaper on the back and in between legs

  • adjust position diaper

    Fasten the diaper tapes to adjust position as required

  • tape diaper

    Fasten the tapes to hold the diaper in place