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Cotton soft top sheet and a super absorbent core that brings lasting comfort and protection

Mello underpads have extremely soft and breathable non-woven top-sheets with high quality sap to keep you dry and comfortable. The thermal pressuring with extra length sides stops leaks while the water-proof back film assures cleanliness. Mello underpad's fluff absorber with reticular embossed design offers rapid high absorbency and is permeable damp-proof. The underpads are hypoallergenic and thus prevent rashes and skin irritations.

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  • Pack

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  • Pack

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  • Dry and comfortable

    Dry & Comfortable

    Soft breathable non-woven top-sheet with high quality sap to keep you dry and comfortable.

  • Leak proof


    Thermal pressuring with extra length sides to stop leaks & water-proof back film for cleanliness.

  • Skin friendly

    Skin Friendly

    Fluff absorber with reticular embossed design, high absorbency & permeably damp-proof.

How do you use Underpads?

  • Open underpad

    Open the underpad halfway with one end facing your side.

  • Place body on underpad

    Place your body towards the right, then insert the underpad as shown.

  • extend folded underpad

    Next place your body towards the left and extend the folded part.

  • Adjust underpad

    Adjust your body as required once fully extended.