Snug Fit Pants

Snug fit pants pack of 10
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Cotton Soft Comfort that brings 360° protection with ergonomic fit enabling free movement

Mello ultra absorbent pants have a soft and comfortable waist panel that contours your body like an underwear. The gentle stretch panel glides on easily and shapes your body to give a discreet fit. It brings 360° protection from leakage with ergonomic fit enabling free movement. The super absorbent core rapidly locks fluid and gives an odorless experience for long lasting freshness.

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  • Pack

  • Pack

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  • Pack

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Pant diaper
  •  Soft & Plush Material

    Soft & Plush Material

    Mello's Snug Fit Pants are manufactured with a soft & comfortable material.

  • Pull Up Type Diaper

    Pull Up Type Diaper

    Easy to use leg openings & soft material provides snug like comfort.

  • Breathable Fabric

    Breathable Fabric

    The stretchable waistband lets air pass through, combatting skin irritation & improving breathability.

  • Dry & Comfortable

    Dry & Comfortable

    The faster liquid distribution inside the absorbent core helps keep the pants dry & you comfortable.

  • Side Leakage Support

    Side Leakage Support

    The high leg gathers on our pants provide a comfortable side fitting which prevents side leakage.

  • Super Absorption Core

    Super Absorption Core

    Our pants are lined with multiple layers allowing superior absorbption, helping you live your life without hindrance.

How do you use Pants?

  • Pull up pant

    Step in and pull up diaper like a regular underware with the waistband facing forward

  • Tear from side

    Tear open from side after use for disposal